How does Magicwant help a business?

How does Magicwant help a business?

Magicwant is an intuitive, powerful and easy to use tool for businesses to take their business online and manage their store/facility operations using a contactless interface. Businesses are provided with a product suite consisting of a web-based application for the business owner (admin) and a mobile application for the store team to manage store operations. 

The product suite for businesses consists of intuitive, thoughtfully crafted features that will help you to do the following;
  1. Promote your business online and offline seamlessly.
  2. Increase online and offline sales.
  3. Generate not just leads, but actual sales
  4. Get the power of being an omnichannel enterprise
  5. Manage shop operations using contactless interface
  6. Ensure customer and employee safety
  7. Access intelligent data, analytics and insights to aid better decision making. 

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