How do I get accepted as a Magicwant Merchant?

How do I get accepted as a Magicwant Merchant?

Any business owner can freely sign up on Magicwant. There are no set up charges or costs to sign up and create a business account on Magicwant. Once you register your business entity, you can create up to two stores/facilities if you have signed up for the monthly billing of $10 (£7 in the UK). If you wish to create more stores/facilities under the same business in the same country, you can do that as well. After the standard two stores, there is a minimal monthly billing of $5 (£3.5 in the UK) only for every additional store. 
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    • How much time does it take to get accepted as a MagicWant Merchant?

      You do not need to wait for any acceptance. You can sign up your business on Magicwant in less than a minute. You only need a valid email address to sign up for Magicwant. 
    • I am a Merchant, how can I subscribe to Magicwant?

      Please visit and click on GET MAGICWANT button on the right hand top corner. Fill your details in the form and Submit. You will receive an email requesting verification. Click on the verification link to proceed using Magicwant. It ...
    • Does this app help to monitor sales?

      Most Certainly! What use is any digital tool, if it cannot give you insight and intelligence. Magicwant is devised to give every business the very same power enjoyed by the technology giants.  Data and Analytics is at the core of Magicwant. You can ...
    • How does Magicwant help Merchants?

      Magicwant helps Merchants big and small grow their business by taking it online and managing shop operations through contact less interfaces. It helps businesses to Promote business using both online and offline mediums Get customer engagement and ...
    • Do I have to register to use Magicwant ?

      No, there is no registration required from the customer end. Since it is OTP ( One Time Password) based, only the phone number is used.